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The book of Exodus is all about God transforming his people. At the beginning of the story, the Israelites are a pretty beaten down bunch. They've endured 430 years of enslavement, have little faith, and are prone to whining--a lot. By the end of the book, they are a people characterized by great strength and faith. They've learned how to trust God, love each other well, and are ready to make history in the Promised Land.

Theirs is more than a feel-good story. God's work in them was intended to help us understand his transforming work in us. While their circumstances were very different than ours, the spiritual principles couldn't apply more.


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Our hope is to communicate God's timeless truth in a relevant, creative, practical and engaging way. We often use multimedia, contemporary/rock music and other modes of communication to deal with real life issues according to God’s wisdom.

Concurrent to the Sunday morning service is our service for kids. Every Sunday, we pray that God would use our teachers "downstairs" just as much as we yearn to experience him "upstairs."


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