Serving Opportunities

Jesus taught that a person is actually happier when his or her life is marked by serving others ("it's more blessed to give..."). It's not a message you hear much in ads or popular media but anyone who has tested his teaching KNOWS it's true. A life of service has benefits the selfish life will never know, just to name a few:

-true significance from helping somebody.

-the pleasure of feeling God's pleasure.

-increased freedom from envy (aka "rat race")

-the camaraderie of serving with others.

With knowledge that your life is making a difference for all of eternity, the satisfation from serving increases all the more.

At POG, we believe God has gifted every person uniquely. We believe that God is the master of bringing diverse passions and personalities to build a team of people ready to do far more than anyone can do alone. Actually, scripture doesn't call it a "team" but something much more profound--the body of Christ. In other words, he continues his healing, hope-giving, need-meeting ministry through his church.

Currently, our primary ministry to the community surrounding POG is Helping Hands, our effort to help neighbors at no cost, with no donations accepted and no religious solicitations attached.

There are many opportunities to get involved within POG too. If you're interested in finding out more, please contact our pastor or one of the team leaders:








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