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The Christmas story is too great to ever take in completely. We can spend our entire lives learning more about God's love and how the giving of his Son displays it. But what a great way to spend a life! The author of the story is God himself. He writes about man's sorry condition on the pages of the Old Testament with glimpses of hope, pointing to a Savior, the Messiah. For millennia, generation after generation struggles with sin, oppression, fear, and all its dire effects. Meanwhile, God is setting the stage for an epic surprise with prophecies and foreshadowings of forgiveness and salvation. Can mankind escape his own sin? Will God help humans overcome their fears? Will oppression ever end? Can death be conquered? Is there hope beyond these cycles of failure? Is there love for the undeserving? The birth of Jesus is the resounding answer to all these questions: YES! The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Him on Christmas night.

The Savior is born and he embodies the very glory of God. He's more compassionate than the most tender mother He ever made. He's more courageous than the most heroic king He ever created. He's wiser than all the thinkers he ever gifted put together. He's the only one qualified to lay down his life for our sins. And he does it! This month, we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Savior. We'll look at different facets of his nature through the lens of some of the most beloved lyrics written about him. We'll do much more than celebrate Christmas, we'll invite God to apply His story to our lives just the way he wants. As we consider his love, authority, wisdom, and grace, He'll change us in ways only He can. His loving intentions will be applied to our lives.


Our Vision


When Jesus walked and taught 2000 years ago, he cast a compelling, history-changing vision of a new kind of community where people loved God and each other freely. He not only taught it, but provided the example and the promise of miraculous help. With Christ as our strength and guide, we envision Point of Grace as the kind of place that follows his vision, a place where…

  • Anyone can find genuine acceptance and opportunities for growth.
  • The message of forgiveness found in Christ is presented with respect for all.
  • Genuinely loving, honest, and encouraging relationships are cultivated and prized.
  • Timeless, biblical truth is communicated in creative & culturally relevant ways.
  • We don’t just learn more about God but sense his presence as well.
  • A person can gain the satisfaction that comes from discovering one’s God-given abilities and use them to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.
  • Believers are motivated primarily by the amazing love and grace of God rather than shame or fear.
  • The community is characterized by humility, authenticity, sincerity, servanthood, gratitude and joy.
  • God is honored by our worship, our faith, our love, and the good works we accomplish together as a team.

Sometimes the pace of life seems to squelch the kind of relationships that bring meaning to life. At Point of Grace, we’ve endeavored to provide opportunities that lead to a growing friendship with God and each other as well as opportunities to impact our community for good.







We are located near Elver Park on the SW side of Madison:

Physical Address: 7026 Raymond Road, Madison WI 53719 - 608.273.3779

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Mailing Address: Point of Grace, P.O. Box 45860, Madison, WI 53744-5860



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